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With interest rates at their lowest levels in decades, it pays to check whether your current home loan is still right for you. It’s a time consuming task that many people put off, even though they may have the potential to save significant amounts of money.

At Option, our primary concern is: how much money we can save you. That means we work extremely hard to make sure we find your best loan option, where the savings drastically outweigh the refinancing costs. We run a status check on your current home loan and let you know whether you could save by switching. If you do decide to switch, we’ll do all the legwork for you to make it as easy as possible.

Need Help?

     Need Help?

We have created a series of guides to assist you to prepare for buying your first home, refinancing your current loans and becoming a property investor. The Option, Step by Step guides have been prepared to assist you to break through the clutter of information.

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The Option Guide to Refinancing

Many home owners often face the task of refinancing their home loans. This guide sets out factors you should consider when refinancing your home loan. Is refinancing worthwhile? Will it be time consuming? Do you need to provide all of the same paperwork as when you first applied for your loan?

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