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We provide expert financial guidance to Home Owners, First time Home Buyers and Property Investors. With over 20 years experience we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best assistance from one of the most professional companies in the industry.



We work FOR YOU, not the banks


The number of choices – We have access to hundreds of different loans and lenders


You can relax – We’ll do the work for you


We are flexible – We’ll come to you at a time that suits


Smooth process – Banks like to deal with us because we are very detailed and we do our due diligence


Switching is easy – We’ll manage the inquiries and paperwork


Don’t pay too much – At any time, request or change of circumstances, we can scan the lending environment to make sure you’re still getting the best deal


The cost of the consultation is 100% covered by us – Why? Because we’ll get our earnings from the lenders

With ever-changing interest rates, now is the time to have your mortgage health check.

Why Us?

     Why Us?

We ensure you’ll get the best guidance.

With more than 30 lenders we’ll negotiate better rates for you.

Making an application is free and there are no commitments.

We have helped many others and received good reviews.

Panel Lenders

     Our Lenders

Choose from our wide range of lenders. We have all the major banks plus lots of other lenders too. At Option, our lending specialists negotiate better rates with more than 30 lenders for you. We may even be able to get you a better discount on many advertised home loan rates.